Paintings & Illustrations

1-21st October 2017 // Alliance Francaise Cambridge

This show presented Lalevee’s watercolour illustrations, as well as her large and small scale acrylic and oil paintings. Her subjects range from female sensuality to contemporary poetry and French culture.

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21st April – 3rd May 2015 // Cuba Street, Wellington, New Zealand

This series of work concerns itself with the breakdown of color and form of natural subjects and the way they can resemble microscopic human cells. The works themselves were presented in their raw form, painted on found wood.

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7th -14th June 2013 // Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge

For her degree show, Catherine created a series of work relating to female sensuality through painterly and tactile aesthetics:

“My work explores the boundaries of female sexuality and the way it can be expressed through surrealist and abstract imagery.”

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VisionARts Collective

Vision arts collective

24 – 29 July 2013 // Regent Street Cambridge


A group of local artists and students decided to put on show during the summer. The intention was to showcase artwork by local artists. To do this, they approached the local group Changing Spaces to help find a space for the exhibition, which they did.

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7th- 10th March 2013 //Kings Street, Cambridge, UK

For this show Catherine exhibited two pieces of work relating to the nature of movement within dance and the way the fluidity of glass interrupts it.

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frame & set final


Frame & Set

6th – 12th Sept 2013 //Grafton Centre Cambridge

Following the success of her management skills in ‘Vision Arts Collective’, Changing Spaces approached Catherine for a new concept show. They invited her to show some of her work in a show exhibiting local video artists and wanted help putting it together.

For this show, Catherine crated the poster, as well as the marketing and social media presence. She also  helped put together the private view by organising the guest list, and invigilated throughout the event.

Catherine worked on a new collaboration with local artist Karl Dmitri Bishop for this show, click here to view ‘Tir Nan Og – The Edge of Shadows’.





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