7th -14th June 2013 // Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge

For her degree show, Catherine created a series of work relating to female sensuality through painterly and tactile aesthetics. She wrote this statement relating to her series of work:

“My work explores the boundaries of female sexuality and the way it can be expressed through surrealist and abstract imagery. I am interested in exploring the role and influence of the ‘male gaze’ plays in female portraiture.

My images are intended to please the female rather than the masculine viewer, using female pleasures as a focus. The emphasis in my work is not on the whole picture but on the individual elements that create the image, mirroring the complexity of the female character and sexual identity. The choice of colour and application are designed to be sensual and reminiscent of Georgia O’Keeffe’s erotic paintings to reflect the nature of women’s sex. My current practice is inspired by the values of  Pop Art and film, creating imagery that looks at movement, fluidity, desire and sexual pleasure. My influences from film and photography have emerged from a passion for the moving image and the creation of unique imagery. My cinematic influences include Luis Bunuel, Man Ray, Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch; I incorporate this into my work using repetition and projection.

I have also used draping fabric to add a sense of intimacy and eroticism, reflecting the act of hiding/revealing involved in sexual encounters.”

Catherine’s painting, ‘Cerise’, was sold on SaatchiArt two months later.




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