July 2012 

Exhibitor & curator at “vision.arts.collective” group show


A group of local artists and students decided to put on show during the summer. The intention was to showcase artwork by local artists. To do this, they approached the local group Changing Spaces to help find a space for the exhibition, which they did. Catherine and her team put together a show of 11 different artists in a large unused shop. The majority of the artists knew each other from Anglia Ruskin University, others were creative friends.


Catherine and one other person became the point of contact for Changing Spaces. For this show, Catherine co-curated the exhibition and created the graphics and promotional material. Catherine designed the poster for the show, as well as the show programme with information about all the exhibiting artists. Catherine organised the private view, found a local musician to perform as well as supplying food and drink. She created a good relationship with the Changing Spaces team, who were keen to exhibit with her again.